The undead dieth

July 3, 2009

Mikey Jackson. What a man. What a creepily dead, terrifying man. Ghoulish is a word that was used often to describe him. Course, it wouldn’t make any sense to call him that now, seeing as two of the characteristics of ghouls, i.e., eternal movement and restlessness, are now sadly absent from this man.

There was talk of the fact that felt up children, which of course, we won’t talk about about cos it would sully the reputation of this fine, plasticized man. This man who had his own zoo. This man who drank wine with children and danced very unlike a child-loving wine-drinker.
In an article in the paper today (Kevin Myers if anyone’s interested), I was reminded of the young girl who, unlike her fellow passengers, (including her mother) shrugged off a plane crash and just got on with it. I imagine afterwards she said something along the lines of: “Meh”.
Maybe Sky could dedicate some of its army to covering this a little bit more in-depth; perhaps use some its 7th battalion and 342nd Airborne that are currently patrolling Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Will he arise once more to feed and drink wine again?  Thank God that Sky is on the case bringing us rolling updates on Jackson in between its mouthfuls of Andy Murray Wimbledon-slippery knob.

I dunno, personally I find the Unbreakable story more worthwhile. I suppose the problem is that that movies already been made, while the Jackson Biopic is only around the corner. My bets on Johnny Depp doing an Edward Scissorhands and Willy Wonka amalgamation.

One final thing that about 1% of people will get. Remember the first two Fallout games? Remember the Ghouls? Think Thriller.

Now, remember the Ghouls that glowed in the dark?
Uncanny ain’t it?