BBC starts blowing out its own ass.

July 20, 2009

Addicted to heroin, then VIOLENCE.

Or something like that, I was too busy laughing to jot the quote down. It’s from BBC News today, in relation to that guy who was found making home made explosives and dangerously (terror!!!) wandering around a shopping centre with a phone (evil!!!!!). We are then subjected to constant replaying of some shitty You-Tube (sodomy!!!!) footage of how he was testing out some of his home-made concoctions.

Master of terrorist secrecy (rape!!!!) aside, and I am pretty sure that if this guy hadn’t been caught, he could of at least blown his own foot (medical bills!!!!) off, do we really need this constant barrage of overblown words and adjectives out of Edgar Allen Poe’s thesaurus? You’re the God damn BBC; there’s hacks like me out there for over the shit, blown out your nostrils, entrails spewn nonsensical list of fantastical language (twin towers!!!!!) that loses all focus mid sentence so you to reread what you just read to make sure Paul still has some shred of sanity left knocking about in that head.
And I don’t. You, Mr/Mrs BBC, on the other hand, do. 24 hours of recycling the same 3 stories. Every damn day. And it all has to be book-ended by bullshit overblown language and grainy ‘let’s hear your point of (child interference!!!!) view’–footage of people recycling the shite they heard from you yesterday. We have the pub for that kind of crap and we have Sky News to blow it out of proportion. We don’t need more of it.

How long before RTE follows suit and we have Anne Doyle using phrases ‘apocalyptic (bestiality!!!!) terror mongering’?


What the hell was this about originally?