A new venture into uncharted territory

February 3, 2009

That’s rubbish actually, its quite well charted, this digital media thingy (technical term). I am merely just another sailor who just lost his boat, paddling for life and sucking fish eyes for water.

Since I was planning on moving shit over to a proper blog for a while now, I said I’d just have 2 categories, one for my Digital Media sorties, and another for my usual bullshit and blather. Feel free to read it all, or just little bits. Or, perhaps, the first word of each sentence, like a surrealist poem.

Right, I have nothing planned to say on this yet, so I’ll just recommend www.stumbleupon.com

If you didn’t know, its helped me learn about a guy who surgically attached his twin brothers arm onto himself. And, I imagine it’d help you classmaties looking for multimedia stuff.

Don’t worry Trev, you don’t have to count this one.

Winking smiley face.

I crack myself up sometimes.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, this plan has since fallen through. I’d just delete this post, but I….. no, there no reason why I shouldn’t delete this.

But I won’t.

Anyway, my Media Blog can be found here to let ya know, or, theres a link at the side.