Internet contact is the Promiscuous Sex of the 00’s

February 22, 2009

Been quiet of late round here. Might have something to with the roughly 90 million blogs we’ve been asked to set up in class this year. I have a Twitter now too. And soon to have a Portfolio blog. Which I’ll be sure to link to. Cos, y’know, putting everything in the one place is madness in this Internet of today. Why?

Why, I’ll tell you.

Because, its the new thing y’know, the way this Internet is going. You have to throw yourself at every new gimmick, widget, social networking site there is. Otherwise, y’know, you might not, like, give a good, like, idea, of , um… who you, yeah, are.

This is key: You gotta spread yourself. Spreadeagled into every connection possible. No protection, no consent, no worries. You have to throw yourself at every damn thing that comes your way. These are the Pokemon to our Ash Ketchums. we gotta wip out our Pokeball, and have our merry way with the new gimmick.

Got some photos? But them up on Bebo…no wait,…Facebook. Shit, better put them on Flickr, better quality.. But do my friends have a Flickr account? I know, I’ll but them on Flickr, then I’ll just tell them all with a short message.

Shit, how? Bebo….Twitter? Or should I link my Twitter to my Bebo? I know some people on Twitter that I don’t know on my Facebook, sorry, Bebo. Maybe I should…. but then, I want my good, important Twitters to just come up, not how James is traveling to Limerick, but…. I like all of them, sometimes James interests me. Maybe I’ll just email my friends to find out how they are more, people don’t do that much with email these days….

Wait, Gmail or Hotmail? I think James had a Yahoo once. Maybe I’ll email all three? Or just a Bebo mail.

No, no one looks at Bebo mail. Facebook?

But Facebook is just gonna tell James when I look at his email that I emailed him via Facebook, might that annoy him?

I don’t want to annoy him.

Perhaps I should just comment his Blog. But should I comment on his college one? Personal? Portfolio? Does he have a blog? I should ask him about it when I comment/email/facebook mail/bebo mail/post on his wall/send a Twitter at him/comment on his Flickr.

Oh, I know. I’ll ring him.