And away I go…

June 7, 2009

I’m soon to be off the grid. Hermit living. Which, admittedly, is an ideal I toyed with a couple of years back. Living in a shack (hovel, cave, I’ll shop around first), won’t have to wash much, won’t have to toy with the idea of cutting my mane, or trim the face-mane very often either. Essentially, most of my time would be spent on mane growing and mane tending. Something that I could happily do a lot of.


Like this, only on my face

Or not. I honestly don’t think I could make any decisions, on anything, ever, without first consulting the Internet. How can anyone, anyone anywhere, do anything, anything at all, without first doing a Google search for face mane, and upon finding a picture of Tom Sellack, then IMDB his name, and then spend 5 to 10 minutes looking up something called Jesse Stone (Which incidentally, must be badass).
And of course, all the while, I’m listening to, but not really watching, yesterday’s Have I Got News For You (Bring back Angus).

So, this is my fairwell. I will never be on the Internet, ever, ever ever ever again, as consistently any more, ever, for at least a while. So I bid you a fond adieu, and I just pray I have enough downloaded.