My New Favourite Thing

November 3, 2008

I’ve got a new favourite thing don’t you know. Bet you can’t guess it. Don’t bother to be honest. Dunno why I even have the following four paragraphs. Skip to the end if you want to be disappointed. I mean while will type for typing’s sake.

My new favourite thing. Is it my new found urge to get my assignments done? Nope, not that anyway. Even if I believed I had it, it’d hardly be my favourite thing. Especially considering I’m still churning out the same ol’ shit that always seems to be the bare minimum above average to still take buckets of time without getting high marks.

No, its not my hat. Though it is a fine hat, worthy to encompass my flowing locks that will soon be encroaching upon my backside. It was free too. Yes, free. Well, not really free. ‘Frees’ too strong a word. But so is ‘stealing’. I’m liking ‘obtained’.
But no, not my favourite thing.

My diminished levels of beer-drinking and hell-raising? Don’t even piss me off by uttering this. Or by commenting “But Paul, you were out a few nights ago. Blah, blah, blah, mleeeellah!!!” Got nothing to do with it.

And no, its not my newly developed ‘get-up-and-go-to-college-ya-lazy-bum’ attitude. Thats more like the really annoying girl that sleeps beside you, but thats all she does, hogging the bed covers. Yeh its comforting but its more of a pain in the ass to tell ya the truth.

Nope, my favourite thing, my new favourite thing that is, is The Apprentice with our very own Bill Cullen.
Cos it reminds me once a week that the retarded shit I do in college is just the way of life these days.

And thats comforting.

In a way.