And away I go…

June 7, 2009

I’m soon to be off the grid. Hermit living. Which, admittedly, is an ideal I toyed with a couple of years back. Living in a shack (hovel, cave, I’ll shop around first), won’t have to wash much, won’t have to toy with the idea of cutting my mane, or trim the face-mane very often either. Essentially, most of my time would be spent on mane growing and mane tending. Something that I could happily do a lot of.


Like this, only on my face

Or not. I honestly don’t think I could make any decisions, on anything, ever, without first consulting the Internet. How can anyone, anyone anywhere, do anything, anything at all, without first doing a Google search for face mane, and upon finding a picture of Tom Sellack, then IMDB his name, and then spend 5 to 10 minutes looking up something called Jesse Stone (Which incidentally, must be badass).
And of course, all the while, I’m listening to, but not really watching, yesterday’s Have I Got News For You (Bring back Angus).

So, this is my fairwell. I will never be on the Internet, ever, ever ever ever again, as consistently any more, ever, for at least a while. So I bid you a fond adieu, and I just pray I have enough downloaded.


June 1, 2009

So, college is soon to be flushed away like a good tear on the Guinness; gone, but lessons have been learned and taken on from the experience.

Anyway, ramblings on that subject will undoubtedly come, but some other day. This quick smidgen of a post is just to declare the beautiful amalgamation of this very blog and my college blog on Digital media. Never one to shoehorn myself into a small, shoe-sized space, I may even continue to post on the subject. Crazier shit has happened. Such as the 93 euro I spent on fans the other day. Long story.

Anyway, that old blog will stay up for the meantime, because I’ve been asked to. I like to think because it was awesome, because young people have much to learn from my beardy wisdom. To keep it up as a testament to the unskilled peons of the world. But it was probably more for the reasons that my lecturer mentioned. Which, strangely, included none of the above.

Anyway, that’s it. Do go on about your business.