Irish firm offers 10,000 for a good idea

March 30, 2009

Just came across this here while looking through the weeks news. Said I should pass it on as I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

An Irish firm is offering €10,000 for a good business idea

Sounds pretty good, a company trying to give something back to the Irish web community. I’ve read it through and there really doesn’t seem to be a catch, but don’t take my word for it, have a look.

“We’re not investors. We’re not venture capitalists. We’re not looking for equity and we don’t want your intellectual property. There’s no catch. There are no strings. Seriously.”

Closing date: 12th May 2009.

Links: I open it with thinking I might be lazy and yet still spend a half hour on it

March 29, 2009

So, at the risk of appearing lazy, here’s some links to other people’s work.
Course, if you read this regularly, you’ll see it’s just me refusing to contribute to the wave of unoriginal, seen it all before crap that has flooded the Internet, leaving this Noah and his Friends slightly bewildered. If someones done it better, its merely my duty to pass it on to the people who don’t float in the similar Internet ponds I wade through.

First off, here’s a guy doing exactly what I’m doing, showing you where to look for information.
20 Excellent Blogs for Those Who Love Design

A lot of information there. I recommend a sift through, some wet afternoon. Unless you have actual work to do. In which case, do that. I’m talking about some wet afternoon where all you find yourself doing is watching all 36 series of Have I Got News For You on Youtube. I’m on 34.

50 Things Every Mac Geek Should Know

Most of it won’t be new to you, but I came across some stuff I’d never heard of before. Some of the terminal commands could be handy. And I’d never attempted the dive into Automator before this.

25 free Mac Apps for freelancers

Once again, most readers would know of a lot of these, but to those who don’t, I pass this on. 2 special mentions that you mightn’t of heard of go to Disk Inventory X for finding out where all your hard disk space has gone, and App Cleaner for getting it back.

50 Brilliant Typography Designs to Inspire You

Pretty self explanatory. Some nice ones there for us multimedia people who don’t really consider typography.

My God, that’s a lot of water themed phrases. I should go to the toilet.

New Job beckons for Paul Kennedy.

March 29, 2009

I was shocked too. I hadn’t even applied for it. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know the job was going. Instead of watching The Late Late Show last night, I was still curled up in a fetal state, wondering why God hated me so much and insisted on squeezing my brain for no foreseeable reason. To lose 24 hours of ones life is a terrible thing. A regrettable loss. But, considering the circumstances, understandable I suppose. I blame the cranberry sauce. I’ve never been one for it.

So, changes. For change must be brought in, lest I be associated with the previous regime, which, of course, I have the utmost respect for. 10 years is a long time in television. So many nuns interviewed, so many products shown, so many singer songwriters overpraised. I applaud your dedication. To bring back Brian Kennedy again and again, to be the platform upon which Eamon Dunphy pours his heart out about his possibly fictional father losing a possibly fictional job.

But association is only good when you have no talents of your own to show. And I have talents aplenty. Ones that can and will be showcased next Autumn. Talents that must be showcased, for I see a startling trend forming on The Late Late, a trend that may spell doom for it in a few short years, a few, ouh so short years, an hourglass has not just run out, but has fallen over, and is now rolling off the convoluted metaphorical table I have constructed. Constructed out of age, predictability and the obligation to get Ronan Keating on at least once a year.

But I’ve got a few ideas. These are still rough mind, me and the guys have only talked about it over the phone this morning about it. But I’ll share them with you so maybe you might flick on come Autumn.

First episode. 3 hours of interviewing Tommy Tiernan.

Well, I say interview. Its more of an intervention. It will feature such questions as: Why are you completely insane? When did you turn completely insane? Do you any plans to return to sanity and be funny again?

Episode 2 will consist mostly of me running over the 5 judges of Ireland’s talent arse thing or whatever it was called, in a Toyota Yaris, which I will give away at the end of the show. The footage will be interspersed with me beating the parents of the (cute?) semi-talented children who were deemed worthy of a shot at 50 grand over the actually talented adults.

Episode 3 will mostly be footage of me taking long walks with Grannie Seoige, talking about politics, literature and food. We will then go home and bake all night long.

The Toy Show will just be me playing with Scaletrix and Lego all night. I might share. I might not. Tune in to see what happens.

These are just a few ideas. Feel free to send me some suggestions and I’ll pass them on to the powers that be.

We’ll miss you Pat, but don’t worry. Your constantly changing chair is in good hands.

Google Street view: Cool, invasive, cool.

March 28, 2009

I love the way things like this happen, and no one notices or cares, because its Google. Google taking photos of men coming out of sex shops.
Yes, its all mostly harmless, and I’m not going to be organizing any Lynch mobs towards Google offices (only to RTE if they don’t give me the Late Late Show job I’ve been promised), but it is a bit strange that they can do this and barely a whimper. Oh yes, controversy at first, but it soon gave way to just how damn cool it was. I’m sure there was a lot of “I probably would of closed my curtain that day if I had known, maybe clean up the front garden”, that kind of thing. “It sure was a bad day to have my annual naked barbecue.” You know, that kind of talk emanating from the pubs and restaurants of fair England, as people sit down to roll their eyes at Google once more over their pints and cake, all of them looking forward to going home and trying it out on their neighbors.

Google Earth was a little weird at first, but we got over it once they showed us how cool it was. I for one can’t wait to look through people’s windows in England, eager to see which of the people who don’t donate to charity have trampolines in their back garden.

I had a lovely walk today through Ingress Garden in London, saw a young lady walking who I hope was her child. He had his uniform on. I hope she didn’t take him out of school.
Saw a man with a skirt walk his dog. Harmless really. Pretty cool even.

Its amazing how privacy takes a back seat to entertainment.

MAC Vs PC: Git Vs Idiot

March 28, 2009

The new PC ad. Or Windows to be more specific, but the two words are pretty synonymous at this stage in the ‘throwing rattles out of prams’ advertising world we live in. And here’s another smug Apple monkey talking about it.

Sometimes I wonder how this whole tedious debate of Mac Vs. PC would of gone had Microsoft never released Vista. Its the ultimate comeback for a Mac Owner. One of those, ‘this is not exactly what we’re talking about but you can’t argue against it so I’ll say it’.
The ‘You’re gay’ of the teenager’s insult arsenal.

PC Owner: “So, I hear your 2 grand Apple Mac just died for no reason after 6 months. Logic board I think, wasn’t it?
Mac Owner: “Vista is shit.”
PC Owner: “…”

Yes, Vista is horrible, absolutely horrible, and nothing can change the fact that anyone who uses their computer for anything other then crappy Windows Movie Maker anime montages are downgrading to XP , but do we all have to be so damn smug about it? The focal point of advertising shouldn’t be about how bad the other option is. McCain was slated for doing much the same thing towards the end of the presidential campaign in America. Bloggers, Windows basher, typed out their dismay on their Macbooks, brown sweat stains around the trackpad, cracked edges inviting moisture. Hypocritical? Possibly.

An extended warranty shouldn’t be an absolute necessity. Also, providing an extra warranty that is recommended by ever person on every mac forum ever reeks to me.

Apple Sale Rep: “Would you like an extended warranty?”
Citizen in need of Laptop: “Why, do I need one?”
ASR: “It’s in case it breaks.”
CINOL: “Oh right, so if I accidentally break it? That sounds go-“
ASR: “Oh, no, that’s not covered.”
CINOL: “So… if my child smashes it?”
ASR: “Oh, no, that your parenting problem, not ours.”
CINOL: “So, if it just breaks?”
ASR: “Yes.”
CINOL: “Like… its, faulty?”
ASR: “We don’t make faulty products sir.”
CINOL: “But, if it just breaks, after a year, for no reason, I need this warranty for you to fix it.”
ASR: “Yes.”
CINOL: “Will it break?”
ASR: “It might.”
CINOL: “How, if its not faulty, and not because of me, or any human reason?”
ASR: “Vista is shit.”
CINOL: “…”

Of course, I say all this as just a simple Mac owner, tired of being made look like a smug git by fellow mac owners, the overwhelming loud minority (I hope). I’m typing this from a laptop with external mouse and keyboard, because one day, my logic board decided to go bust. No real reason, no fault of my own, the Mac tech told me that sometimes “These things happen.” Plugged into the wall after my third battery refused to work one day.
But, when eventually I do get some money together, I will buy another Mac, under no illusions, knowing that it will die horribly at the worst moment.

Why? I think you know the answer to that. But I won’t be shouting it from the mountains.

Paul writes about his attempts to buy a toothbrush. Eventually.

March 24, 2009

I was walking to Dunnes the other day, right. Yeah, on the way to Dunnes, and, well, hard to say really. The usual dumped car was there, a Porsche too come to think of it.

Well, it mightn’t of been a Porsche, but I kinda see all nice cars as Porsche’s, because I really know not a lot about cars. I’d recognize a car from, say,  a lorry, but only from the side profile. Up front, God only knows, it might go back 9 feet, it might go back 30 feet, I am not in the know about such things.

Anyway, back to my semi-fictional story about going to the shop.

I mentioned this was semi-fictional right? I mean, I have been known to frequent the thriving consumer heaven that in The Bishopstown Dunnes Stores, from that tasty blond girl who I know wants me, to that tasty pensioner who I know wants me. Anyway, I needed a toothbrush.

That part wasn’t fictional. I did need a toothbrush. Its one of things that we all need really. So, in a way, saying I need a toothbrush could never be fictional, whether I had one or not, I would need it. Even if I was of the mind of not brushing my teeth, the need would still be there.

But some of this following story may of not actually happened. I have yet to see spindle shaped toothbrush packaging.

Anyway, I digress. Digression is useful here though, because, really, I have no idea what would happen next on this semi-fictional journey to Dunnes. Should I add some semi-fiction now? Perhaps I had best stick to the facts now, to set the scene, and then proceed into farcical whimsy later? Or perhaps not? Insert a likely event into a magical setting.

No, better I put my musings to a more worthwhile cause, one that will possibly be about a place that someone may have found memories of, so they can read this and go “Mmm…yes. I remember that place/situation. It was nice”. Because, I would like to think that someone, somewhere, would read this and think of something fond. A happy memory, times past where life was the colour of a healthy cheek, the shape of a well plucked eyebrow.

Also, perhaps, read aloud. So, at some moment, somewhere, buried in the static of snow capped cathode tubes, there could be me, musing on how happy I was that I could put capped and cathode together in a sentence, perhaps someone would then think of my beaming face as I you imagine me, chuckling like a mildly deranged loon at my own alliteration, that was in no way funny, but kept me amused for the duration of this sentence and hopefully when I go back over to spell check.

Deranged in the peaceful ‘I count floorboards but can’t look people in the eye’ loon, not the man-rape kind.

Of course, reading aloud could sometimes be seen as a bit mad, unless your surrounded by children, and then of course, the context of what your reading would have to be considered. For instance, words like context are unlikely to appear in a children’s fairy tale, or uttered by a Morbeg.

So, anyway, I’m standing there, looking at toothbrushes. 3 for 2, 2 for 1, 3 for 5, singled, doubled. Ones with plastic protrusions, ones with flexi-handles, ones with flexi-tips, ones with both that are just rolled around a sewing spindle. What to get? The eternal question. At what stage do I feel that my mouth is clean enough to be satisfactory? Do I want 2 euro cleanliness, or 5 euro cleanliness? Because 2 euro cleanliness feels pretty clean. For most of my life, it has sufficed. And I can’t imagine that 4 euro cleanliness is twice as clean as 2 euro cleanliness. It certainly doesn’t feel any cleaner. I look for percentages; “34% cleaner then the leading brand.”

Oh, that’s helpful.

Which brand is leading? I don’t know, these are not the questions I research before I shop for toothbrushes. I didn’t realize I should of done so. Silly me.

Leading brand…. all these brands have numerous toothbrushes. Which one is this brush 34% cleaner then? This flexi-handled one looks good, I can’t imagine any toothbrush giving me a 34% bigger cleaning sensation then that. Surely not.

Four for 89 cent? That’s….

Four for 80 cent? That’s 20 cent each. Does that do anything for my mouth compared to these others? These don’t flex at all. Surely these devil sticks would shatter upon impact with my gums, spearing through my cheeks, rendering me incapable of speech as I collapse over the sink, blood and toothpaste swirling into the drain like a famous Hitchcock scene. No, best keep away from those.

Yeah, I’m gonna need at least 3 bits where its flexes. And definitely gonna need some bristles where the angles are different. Oh, and that one over there with the rubber bristles at the side. I’m sure they’re completely necessary. Wouldn’t I look quite the fool in front of everyone as I speak, my mouth gaping up and down, in clear need of the cleaning that only 10 rubber bristles at either side of a toothbrush can provide.

I better get a few of the good ones I suppose, and chronicle their effectiveness against the evil germ nation that I’ve seen on TV. I’m not gonna let them get me, I’ve seen what they’ve done to those people in the pamphlets. Painting the mouth black and yellow, knocking down a few walls to create more space. I will not become a jaw-based home improvement show, no matter how much free furniture they offer me.

What toothpaste should I be using with these brushes? There’s a lot of them too…. do I need toothpaste? Maybe I should get some. I suppose I’ll have to get the right brand though. Surely Aquafresh wouldn’t work with a Crest toothbrush. The toothbrush might melt. Embarrassing.

“You see Paul the other day? Yeah, used the wrong toothpaste with his toothbrush. Talks like hes got a toothbrush stuck in his mouth”

My friends need to work on their similes.

What should I do I wonder? Tasty blond girl will surely laugh at my stricken state as she stacks the shelves, old lady surely feels my plight at this constantly accelerating dental world we find ourselves in.

Yes, I’d best just go home and research this further.

The problem with this topic is maintaining credibility after watching Die Hard 4.0

March 24, 2009

Another article on how the Internet is going to be all-prevalent, omnipotent, ubiquitous, all-powerful, this time from Time. All of this has been said before, but the last paragraph is worth noting. Vinton Cerf here wonders about how the treat of virus attack could affect us when we’re so dependent on the Internet. While since its inception, the Internet has never really gone fully ‘down’, but if it does become the all-knowing owner of the Pearly Gates, what would happen if there was a major crash? I’m sure the whole Internet couldn’t go down, there’s too many servers, routers etc in too many different locations for a total collapse, but viruses could perhaps spread at a phenomenal rate, unlike anything imagined. I just hope as much effort is going into firewall (or the future equivalent) and anti-virus software as the effort going into making my dishwasher IP-enabled.

Jesus, I’m starting to sound like pirate radio.

Anyway, on a more down to earth note, how much has human error been factored into this? If banks can lose laptops like I lose socks, how much responsibility are we even deserving of in this new future? And at what point are computers doing too much? I’ll leave my rant on this topic to a later date on my other blog (not really within the scope of this Digital Media blog I think), but to leave with a link, this very question is already under serious consideration.

That’s fine then. It’s not like the US Military to rush into things.