February 25, 2009

There’s been a lot of talk about plagiarism lately. CIT have this new-fangled-doohickey (technical term) that will detect if any work we submit has borrowed liberally from someone Else’s work.

Course, as this Internet becomes all encompassing and prevalent, and students been given less the benefit of the doubt, it may (will) come to the stage where we’re at the thieved end. So, how to solve this? We all know about copyright, trademark etc, but what to do if this is infringed on?

Found this article which goes some way to answering this.

The main reason I post this is; in college, we’ve all been told about it, all been told what to do, but all in a very broad way. This website also shows you exactly how to find to find out if your content has been stolen, and what to look out for, something that hasn’t been explained to us in any technical way to us in CIT anyway. Also, with a big increase in online portfolios, its good to know that we have a leg to stand on.

Also, for those who don’t intend to have their content online (unlikely the way trends are going), or plain just don’t care (useful link here about that), there’s a lot of tips here for WordPress blogs and blogging in general.

No stupid jokes or ridiculous metaphors here, I’ve been awake since half 6 and still dying with the flu. Thought that I might as well be somewhat productive with my time.

Internet contact is the Promiscuous Sex of the 00’s

February 22, 2009

Been quiet of late round here. Might have something to with the roughly 90 million blogs we’ve been asked to set up in class this year. I have a Twitter now too. And soon to have a Portfolio blog. Which I’ll be sure to link to. Cos, y’know, putting everything in the one place is madness in this Internet of today. Why?

Why, I’ll tell you.

Because, its the new thing y’know, the way this Internet is going. You have to throw yourself at every new gimmick, widget, social networking site there is. Otherwise, y’know, you might not, like, give a good, like, idea, of , um… who you, yeah, are.

This is key: You gotta spread yourself. Spreadeagled into every connection possible. No protection, no consent, no worries. You have to throw yourself at every damn thing that comes your way. These are the Pokemon to our Ash Ketchums. we gotta wip out our Pokeball, and have our merry way with the new gimmick.

Got some photos? But them up on Bebo…no wait,…Facebook. Shit, better put them on Flickr, better quality.. But do my friends have a Flickr account? I know, I’ll but them on Flickr, then I’ll just tell them all with a short message.

Shit, how? Bebo….Twitter? Or should I link my Twitter to my Bebo? I know some people on Twitter that I don’t know on my Facebook, sorry, Bebo. Maybe I should…. but then, I want my good, important Twitters to just come up, not how James is traveling to Limerick, but…. I like all of them, sometimes James interests me. Maybe I’ll just email my friends to find out how they are more, people don’t do that much with email these days….

Wait, Gmail or Hotmail? I think James had a Yahoo once. Maybe I’ll email all three? Or just a Bebo mail.

No, no one looks at Bebo mail. Facebook?

But Facebook is just gonna tell James when I look at his email that I emailed him via Facebook, might that annoy him?

I don’t want to annoy him.

Perhaps I should just comment his Blog. But should I comment on his college one? Personal? Portfolio? Does he have a blog? I should ask him about it when I comment/email/facebook mail/bebo mail/post on his wall/send a Twitter at him/comment on his Flickr.

Oh, I know. I’ll ring him.

Jeff Bridges tries his hand at something new

February 22, 2009

Right, not much to say this time, been busy catching up on college stuff and fixing the ridiculous number of typos I have here, but here’s something that might inspire some people:

Yup, that says Jeff Bridges, but bear with me, its different. While admittedly, design-wise, it can be a bitch to navigate, its nice to see a Celeb trying something different. And it’s kinda endearing to see that The Dude has a website this simple looking.

Original designs aren’t just for Design Studio Portfolios y’know.

Blogging Money Myth

February 22, 2009
“Your dreams mean nothing to me”

Found this a while back, but Blogger was being a bit of a temperamental git so didn’t get around to adding my 2 cents. Or, in reality, my zero cents.
An article by the a man named Daniel Lyons, telling us that making money from blogs is pretty much a myth. Here’s a small poll done about generating money for blogs, which pretty much confirms Daniel’s opinion.
Course, it’s not exactly a well known myth along the lines of Zeus and his fondness for the ladies. A brief straw poll of the lads in my house and a few friends told me that they never thought blogs made money anyway, unless I’m talking about the ones with ads up the wazoo. Of course, people don’t like blogs with ads everywhere, and pop-up Flash ads are the best thing for generating anger and loathing since Hitler. And, in my opinion, this advertising revenue thing can’t last. People are getting so good at ignoring them over the Internet, I can see it becoming a non issue over the next 10 years.
Either that, or Snorg Tees will start literally screaming at us to buy stuff over the speakers.

Heres a blog on how its down to the blogger’s intentions for generating money. Course, to me this seems pretty obvious. I’m sure if I intended to make some money from this I could. Change it to Rated R, load it with porno ads, emoticon ads, Snorg Tees ads. But I say some money, how could I go about getting to the stage where i can quit my day job? And would anyone listen to my opinion if I did load it with ads?
People listen to newspapers, even when Micheal O Leary commissions whole one-page ads, why not me?

I’ve gone a little off the point here, so my synopsis: Online advertising is mostly obnoxious, in-your-face, irritating. Which doesn’t work for small blogs like this. It’d get crowded, posts would take second place to the ad about the latest Rom-com. Big website, content outranks ads, people get less irritated. Big website, more content, more to read, more traffic.

Essentially, the Internet is no different from the outside world. A small business can become big and make ridiculous amounts of money, but don’t cod yourself by thinking its going to easier to do it online rather the offline.

(By the way, for anyone wondering where to start about how to make anything from blogging, heres a good starter)

Siftables to teach kids that oversized heads are not mandatory?

February 14, 2009

So, TED is where my latest exploration led me. For those not in the know,

“TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader.”

Essentially, a conference for people that are far cleverer then we’ll ever be. Its not just all about tech and spec though. I found this interesting talk from a journalist which pretty much is telling us to just chill the hell out.

Relax …and buy my book

Came across this interesting link on, a new way of computer interaction (all they seem to be doing these days), that kinda remind me of Reactables, which I’ll probably talk about another day, but really, placing things on tables is where the similarities end.
Anyway, these things are called Siftables, and a talk about them can be found here.

In the talk, David Merrill goes through many ways of using the Siftables, comparing them to building blocks we all used as young’uns, and shows us painting, like above, and maths and word games.
This is what interests me most here, as any way to educate kids earlier in a fun way should be encouraged. After all, before you know it, your child has gone from stacking and moving things to this.

For ages: Girls – 7 to 12
Boys – 12 to 18

Course, as usual, how long will we have to wait before thing like these filter down from big boys with little toys to the children that could benefit most? Money, money, MONEY!!

Course, now that Bratz have been banned, maybe MGA Entertainment, who make, ahem, made Bratz, could throw some money down Merrill’s way?
Nothing like some new business ideas to drag us out of a recession.

Sorry little dudes, but don’t but your Lego away just yet

Youtube to be rendered even more meaningless in the future

February 9, 2009 comes up trumps again, and looks like YouTube is going to get another going over from me. I won’t be mentioning comments this time though.

Pictured: A disgustingly rich man

For those with attention spans of under 3 minutes, Chad Hurley is a co founder of YouTube, and here, talks about the future of YouTube, more specifically, uploading content directly from mobile devices onto YouTube.

While this will probably not see a rise in the current favourite posting: ‘Random clips of Anime put to rock music‘, it will no doubt cause a surge in ‘look what my friend did lolroxors!!!!!!11!
Chad even mentions of how there will be a lot more content now, because of how people will have better access to mobile phones then expensive camera equipment. Excuse me while I choke on my metaphorical chips and cheese, but this is a good thing? What YouTube does very well is get people watching videos from all over the world, catching up on missed TV shows, and provide an outlet for independent movie makers, sketch show troupes, prospective presidents. While I admit, this is all just opinion on my part, if the majority of Youtubes 15 hours of video uploaded a minute is anything to go by, 15 hours a minute is quite enough thank you. This new trend will only be an increase in the inane rubbish that clogs YouTube, once again just making it even more difficult to sift through the nonsense and find the good bits. For every rare Bill Hicks clip there’s at least 86 of these.

He talks about HD for YouTube, and how its got the most HD content on the web. Well, for one, with that much content being thrown on, a couple of HD clips are bound to find their way in. But we should be encouraging this, not mentioning it as an after thought. Get people out there trying their hand at movie making, editing, whatever, but don’t be tempting couch-paparazzism for the masses. I think the Internet is just about full up of cheesy Norwegian metal put to a still image of a cute baby.

‘When will I get to the stage where I’ll be recording and uploading video all day long?’ is a question he’s asked.
I can’t think of anything worse. While I don’t want to limit technology, or put reins on it, surely someone should be saying, ‘Wait a minute, is this a good thing?’ One of the best things about the Internet is how it is something of a hierarchy-less community, with people of all ages and sizes throwing their 2 cents into the works. But surely a bit of common sense is needed? Someone to say, ‘Wait a minute, that’s shit, I don’t see a need for it’.

One thing I’ve noticed about YouTube is the lack of making videos private. The option is there, but people don’t seem to use it. I’m sure that a 5 second video of your friend falling over is funny to you, but does the whole world need to see it? Do you need to ad tags so it appears to be related to a Parkinson interview?
While this all seems like common sense to me, if the people in charge don’t see it, what hope is there for us looking for some real Internet worthy content?

Trolls have moved out from under their bridges to a screen near you.

February 9, 2009
Pictured: A Boring man

So, Mr Craig Newmark, of Craigslist fame, once again brings up the topic ‘trolls’, IE, annoying people on the Internet, looking for attention by shouting obscenities. The Internet equivalent of kids in Tescos.

This is all in relation to that man of the moment, Barack Obama, and how he will be seeking to take advantage of the Internet, much like Clinton did with interns, and become the ‘wi-fi’ president that seems to be the buzz phrase of the moment. Obama wants to use the Internet to get in contact with the electorate. Craig thinks all this is very well, and it is, but he seems to think that as usual, the main problem with the Internet, IE, that people use it, will rear its ugly head again, and that flame wars will break out everywhere, much like what happened with Bush, and, you know, actual wars.

But, sorry Craig, this isn’t new. Not even to the Internet. Remember all that rubbish and hoop-la during the race for the white house (or, as The Onion brilliantly put it, the War for the White House)? Racist chants during rallies? Hate crimes? The Internet is not the sole hideaway for trolls as you put it, its merely just another refuge.

And, YouTube comments aside, I hope that were people posting about the running of a country would have a bit of seriousness about them. For one, I can’t see the usual exchange of:

User567uk: This video is great! 🙂

James875F: I’m gonna kill your family

happening, which I read everyday on YouTube (I admit, I get a good kick off reading comments).
And why do I feel that this won’t happen? Well, for one, on whatever format this proposed venture will take, the posts about serious videos, serious topics, serious issues will surely outnumber the posts as about boy getting football in face. People who are interested in these topics will be adding to this discussion. People looking for improbable accidental violence to children will look here.

While, like anything in life, human stupidly must be considered, I think trolls and flame wars will be the least of Obamas worries.

And, on a lighter note to all you budding Website developers out there, how not to do things:

You can tell he did Computer Science